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UC Berkeley, of course, has a mascot called Oski the bear. Berkeley is known the world over for its Sciences and Humanities departments. It’s a fucking world leader, as far as global research and academic leadership are concerned. During my first year at Berkeley, I was just a fucking fish out of water. I came from Southern California, my family emigrated from Southeast Asia in the 70s, and I was basically just living in the immigrant community until I started college.

I just really didn’t know what the fuck to expect. Everybody I hung out with looked a certain way, they did not speak English. And here I was, in the middle of Berkeley. I really didn’t know what to do, so the first few months of school, I just basically hung out at the library. You know, typical nerdy Asian shit. That’s all I knew. That was my world.

I did not know that there was this concept called adult dating and sites like https://www.meetandbang.net , you know. The whole concept of dating is fairly conservative. It’s all about meeting somebody and maybe getting a peck on the cheek at the end of the night. That was the traditional, mainstream dating. Adult dating turned that on its head. It’s all about fucking. Basically, meeting the person is just a formality. But the real focus is on the action. Friends of mine told me that they went out on sex dating, but I really didn’t believe them. I was saying to myself, “Yeah, right, dude. That’s just a typical college frat boy fantasy. You’re just basically verbalizing shit that you wish would have happened.”

So I didn’t pay mind to that shit. I was just hanging out at the library, the typical worry nerd that I was. I had to preserve my academic record from high school. I mean, I was rocking straight as and I wasn’t about to stop, right, regardless of how competitive it was at Berkeley.

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suck this girls titties tonight

The thing I miss most about my college days was flirting with hot coeds. I miss it so much that I almost went back to college just to try it again. Now that I am in my forties lots of girls find me attractive because I look like their uncle or some shit. It is kind of whacked out when you really think about it. But I don’t mind capitalizing on it. Problem is college tuition is super expensive. Even community colleges are getting seriously expensive. So I turned to the next best thing.

Internet dating on amateur match allows me to flirt with girls in many different cities all at the same time. Since I will not be meeting most of these girls they think it is okay to send me sexy selfies in my inbox. Sometimes I post them online, but I always crop them so you cannot see who it is. I don’t want these girls getting into trouble with their families or at work.

From time to time I find a nice girl that wants to hookup with me to have a real adult date. They have tried dating guys their age. Now they want to trade up to somebody more refined. By the end of the night we are fucking though. Come on in. The water is warm!

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get serious about adult dating with iwantu

Are you ready to take your dating life to a whole different level of excitement? Imagine being able to hookup with hot babes online or off with no strings attached. Imagine finding out that there is a sexy girl out there that thinks you are her everything and she wants to tie the knot with you before somebody else does. Get serious about adult dating with girls on http://www.iwantu.com!

Most guys go about dating all wrong. There are so many pitfalls I cannot list them all, but here are a few that keep coming up when it gets discussed in the members chat rooms.

First and foremost, be natural. Don’t make up silly things about yourself trying to be something you are not. It is a sure fire way to get dumped once the ruse is up. These girls aren’t looking for rocket scientists or doctors per se. They are looking for guys to have fun with in whatever way that may be.

Next, do not send a girl a picture of your naked penis unless she asks for it. Girls are so not like guys are. Where we would enjoy a naked pussy pic, girls would prefer a hunky sexy pic. Or a cuddly-wuddly pic. They want you to impress them with romance even when they are looking for booty calls!

Finally, do include a picture into your profile. A sensible picture. Profiles with pics get way more action on the dating circuit than ones without them. The difference is big!

With all of that in mind remember to have fun. Sure you might strikeout from time to time, but on some of those times you are going to have the time of your life!

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help girls like this one find hot guys with a dating affiliate program

You can follow this link to a dating affiliate program FAQ page and still not get all of the data I am about to bestow on you for free. Not that joining DatingAffiliate.com costs anything. It is so free it pays you money!

To help girls and guys hookup for sex you need a link to one of their dating sites with your affiliate code in it. Take that and put it into a URL shortning service like is.gd or bit.ly. Use the little check box to be able to specify your own URL and make it catchy. Something like /Hookup4Sex is good to start with.

Now that you have your cool looking URL go to sites like Facebook and post on dating pages you find in the search area about your way to hookup for sex. Then post that link. Create a twitter account and post about it there as well. Not join WordPress.com and make a blog about hookup sex. Just be sure not to use nudity so they don’t shut you down.

While on WordPress you can install the Jetpack plugin to link your previously made social accounts to your blog. Then whenever you post to your blog it will be syndicated to the other sites as well.

Now smoke a doobie and wait for the checks to come in the mail!

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