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UC Berkeley, of course, has a mascot called Oski the bear. Berkeley is known the world over for its Sciences and Humanities departments. It’s a fucking world leader, as far as global research and academic leadership are concerned. During my first year at Berkeley, I was just a fucking fish out of water. I came from Southern California, my family emigrated from Southeast Asia in the 70s, and I was basically just living in the immigrant community until I started college.

I just really didn’t know what the fuck to expect. Everybody I hung out with looked a certain way, they did not speak English. And here I was, in the middle of Berkeley. I really didn’t know what to do, so the first few months of school, I just basically hung out at the library. You know, typical nerdy Asian shit. That’s all I knew. That was my world.

I did not know that there was this concept called adult dating and sites like https://www.meetandbang.net , you know. The whole concept of dating is fairly conservative. It’s all about meeting somebody and maybe getting a peck on the cheek at the end of the night. That was the traditional, mainstream dating. Adult dating turned that on its head. It’s all about fucking. Basically, meeting the person is just a formality. But the real focus is on the action. Friends of mine told me that they went out on sex dating, but I really didn’t believe them. I was saying to myself, “Yeah, right, dude. That’s just a typical college frat boy fantasy. You’re just basically verbalizing shit that you wish would have happened.”

So I didn’t pay mind to that shit. I was just hanging out at the library, the typical worry nerd that I was. I had to preserve my academic record from high school. I mean, I was rocking straight as and I wasn’t about to stop, right, regardless of how competitive it was at Berkeley.

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